Warranty for doors

  • Warranty on accessories of tm Kale of 5 years (on condition of use of a set of locks with a core of Kale)
  • Warranty on accessories of tm Securemme of 5 years
  • The guarantee on accessories of tm Mottura of 5 years
  • Warranty on accessories tm Avers 1 year
  • Warranty on accessories mm "Mul-t-lok" (Israel) - 1 year
  • Warranty on Apecs TM fittings - 2 years for locks and 3 years for core
  • Warranty on MDF an overlay with an apartment of 1 year (on condition of the correct use)
  • Warranty on MDF an overlay with the painted surface of 2 years (provided correct use)
  • Warranty on DEFENDER (hammer coating) and PROTECT segments (laminated galvanized surface) - 3 years
  • Warranty on a metal design of doors of 10 years, service life 20 years
  • Plywood overlay with weather-resistant paint 7-year warranty (provided proper use)

           Warranty for doors of Ukrainian origin TM ABWEHR STEEL DOORS EXPERT is 1 year since date of purchase. The warranty assumes replacement of fittings and free service. Replacement of fittings is ensured at the expense of “Abwehr-Ukraine” – in case if spy hole, lock or handle malfunctioned at proper operation of steel door TM Abwehr. In this case, you just need to contact us by specified telephone numbers and e-mail the photos of defect. Then, defective part will be replaced free of charge.

Besides, we provide warranty for MDF plates with Israeli film Vinorit – if MDF plate is swollen at proper operation, you will also be provided with replacement free of charge. The service assumes consulting

The warranty is not applied, if:

  • Purchased door is fake TM Abwehr product
  • Steel door was installed by mounting organization/individual without license or by client;
  • Steel door was subject to mechanical impact: breaking attempts, vandalism
  • The warranty period has expired;
  • Such type of fitting was discontinued and cannot be replaced;
  • Front door was installed outdoors with unsuitable coating;
  • No canopy above the front door, installed outdoors;
  • Prior to installing the door, the client shall check the integrity and completeness of product. Door installed with visible defects is not covered by warranty. If product and components were damaged by client, they are not subject to free exchange and return. Incomplete product (e.g., lock without keys) also cannot be returned or replaced.

Terms of use

For proper door operation, we recommend to follow the terms:

  • Temperature range: -15 to +30°C;
  • Relative air humidity: 30-70%;
  • Canopy or wind porch (preventing the contact of steel door with precipitation and sunlight), as well as the non-heated passage (to avoid accumulation of condensate on the inside of the door)
  • Doors with PVC film shall never be installed outdoors;
  • Doors with Vinorit film and moisture-resistant MDF plate, hammer finish, as well as with painted MDF, are ideal for outdoor use

Minimum requirements to canopy above the front door

When installing the outside door, presence of canopy is mandatory provision. Its minimum requirements are as follows:

  • Length – at least 1.5 m;
  • Width – shall be 1 m more than door size (e.g., if door is 960 mm, the canopy shall be at least 1,960 mm – with 0.5 m reserve on each side of the door);
  • The canopy shall ensure complete protection from access of moisture and sunlight to the door!