Abaut brand


  HISTORY of our brand goes back to 2006 – on October 10, we registered the website www.abwehr.com.ua and posted the first catalog of doors imported from China. Second step was naming the new TM, unknown at the moment. The task was to portray the basic function of steel doors – PROTECTION AND RELIABILITY. After long and controversial debate within the team, we settled on the name ABWEHR. In German, it stands for THREAT PROTECTION. Its entire essence shows the basic value of our doors for buyers; we still follow the content and context of name given to our steel doors.




            The first stage of our work was import of steel doors from China; unlike the “mass consumer goods” present at the market, we focused on products with high performance and consumer values – decent locks, thick metal, original and popular models, enhanced hinges, delivery all over Ukraine. NO WONDER that, in quite short period of time, our doors TM ABWEHR became a hit in Ukrainian market – the product was of high demand and short supply. During this “first” period, we were really new players in the market – among top 3 importers for the next 5 years.

            Time moves on; Chinese supplier was actually unable to support our growing ambitions, ideas and standards; in 2013, we made a critical decision – to start our own production with export potential, which would surpass China in terms of design and performance (simply speaking, to create a product of European quality).

            2013. Our team “rolled up the sleeves” and began to master the production of new item, with very high quality demands. We bought and installed the latest equipment. Recruited the staff, who love their work. Production area was increased from 921 m2 in 2013 to over 5,000 m2 in 2018.

            In 5 years, our company became a leader in export of steel doors from Ukraine and one of 5 top manufacturers in Ukraine.

            We believe that start of production cycle (2013 to 2018) was the “second”, very important step in development of our company. Upon passing all “turbulence” stages of Ukrainian economy and evolving from the largest importer to exporting manufacturer, we realistically look at life and our prospects as international manufacturer of steel doors. We learned to produce more than products, but works of art, and these are not empty words – our doors decorate the houses of the best developers and individual owners in Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.

            Product quality and design are our priorities; we do not focus on quantity, while losing real value for customers; that’s why, we are popular


After 7 years of operation, we understand our mission in society, as business organization:

MISSION: basis and sense of our work is mass production of design steel doors for general public and worldwide sale of our product, thus improving the quality of life/safety of our clients and the well-being of our staff.


What’s next? We are open to opportunities and challenges of environment. Upon change inside the company, we get stronger on the outside; for us, growth above ourselves ensures growth above competitors. We used to be leaders in Ukrainian market of steel doors; our expertise and knowledge inspire and urge to move forward. Today, we are entering an interesting stage of hyper competition in Ukrainian market – this is new marketing challenge for our team, and we will become only stronger after it.


VISION OF COMPANY FUTURE: international production company, with high level of professionalism, service, and expertise. Knowing our customer needs and offering the solutions; created product (steel door) perfectly fulfills the tasks and surpasses the competitors in design innovation/technical development.

Company with high standards of work, results of which will be honored in Ukraine