Abwehr Entrance Doors at Epicenter and New Line

TM Abwehr is a company that independently produces and exports steel doors of European quality. Abver has been successfully operating for more than 10 years, it has huge production capacities, high-tech equipment with which certified products are created in accordance with all technical and safety standards for entrance doors in Ukraine and the European CE certificate.

          The assortment, which is presented on the Ukrainian market, includes more than 200 different modifications. And if you did not find a ready-made offer, you can always place an individual order, since Abwehr is directly a door manufacturer who can make a structure of any complexity and design.


You can buy TM Abver doors in the Epicenter chain of stores or in the numerous New Line stores throughout Ukraine. They have a guarantee from the manufacturer and will last you more than 20 years. With proper operation, the doors of TM Abver for years retain all their operational properties and do not lose their original attractiveness.

          Entrance doors of TM Abver can be chosen not only for apartments in a multi-storey building, you can buy a door for a private cottage or non-residential premises. It is more convenient to choose the front door in a place where there is a showroom, for example, in the Epicenter hypermarket.

          The doors of TM Abwehr, which are presented in the Epicenter, are already installed in artificial openings, so they can be physically touched, understand the weight of the product, evaluate the smoothness of the stroke, and feel the tactility of the exterior finish. And besides, there are qualified consultants who will answer all your questions and help you choose a model based on the requirements of your design. Epicenter and New Line stores are located in almost every major city, so you can always see the doors live and place an order with delivery

If you do not have much free time, you can buy Abwehr doors through the Epicenter Internet portal. On its pages all offers are grouped by purpose, have a high-quality graphical representation and a description of important technical features. Here, too, there are sales consultants who can help you make the best choice and arrange delivery. And of course, you can always place an order through our online store

          The front door must meet all individual customer requirements, but it must also have all the certificates of quality and safety. Buying TM Abver entrance doors, you not only acquire a high-quality and reliable product for decades, but also support your national manufacturer!