ABWEHR STEEL DOORS EXPERT Company prepared for its customers some advice on choosing the front door:


Choose the pattern

the first and most important step is selecting the door pattern. We provide quite a lot of patterns, which will please your eyes all day. Watch and choose the pattern with best fit to design of your house or apartment


Select the size 

prior to buying the door, be sure to know the size of doorway, where the door is installed. ABWEHR produces the doors of standard size: 860 mm, 960 mm, 1,200 mm wide and 2,050 mm high. So, the doorway is 2-3 cm larger than the door. You can measure it yourself or use the installer services (presence of installers in your area can be checked by telephone at our website)


Choose the segment 

the segment is set of door parameters (thickness of leaf and frame, fittings, thickness of locking boards, etc.). The segment is thermal/noise insulation of doors, quality of fittings



Select the type of coating 

there are three types of coating. PVC film – for indoor use only. Vinorit film – both for indoor and outdoor use. Laminated painting – more stable outdoor coating, for indoor use as well


Color of the coating 

the color shall be chosen with best fit to design of apartment



Opening option 

for correct selection of door opening, just face the door from the street or entrance hall. If hinges are located on the left, this is left door.