Additional options

1.Kit of platbands

Kit of platbands – MDF plate with glued PVC film, to match the color of front door. The spacers are installed on the wall end – to decorate and hide the mounting holes




Main tasks of kit of platbands

  1. Additional decoration of interior
  2. Hiding the mounting holes in wall
  3. Alignment of walls

Why you need spacers?

  1. Additional thermal/noise insulation
  2. Completed appearance of the door
  3. No need for door jambs
  4. Easy and fast installation
  5. Excellent protection from moisture and mechanical damage
  6. Durability

The price of Kit of platbands is from 3450 UAH depending on the size (the price is indicated for add-ons 25 cm wide with 16 mm MDF)

Spacer for entrance doors